Advanced Corretora de Câmbio

In the market since 1999, the company has consolidated oferencendo differentiated services and valuing excellence in service. In 2013 it reached the 5th position among the largest foreign exchange brokerage in Brazil in the primary market

Banco Máxima

Financial group with more than 30 years in the country. Since the beginning of its operations, it has assumed a pioneering position in product launches and in anticipating trends with outstanding participation in the segments in which they operate.

Banco Rendimento

Since 2001, the Bank has been working on Performance Floating Exchange and Tourism market, and because its upward growth, this area is within the company, a place of great importanc

Western Union

Western Union is a multinational company that offers financial services. It has its headquarters in the United States. It offers various services such as person to person money transfers, money orders and business services. It has over 250,000 points of sale in 195 countries around the world.

Boa Viagem

Working in the financial transactions market for over 15 years, present in 5 states and providing solidity to its customers with the right service for every need.

Carol DTVM

Founded in 1958, Carol Precious Metals pioneered the metal market specializing in refining and marketing of precious metals like gold and silver. In 1989 Carol DTVM was authorized by Brazil's Central Bank to operate in exchange tourism industry, carrying out purchase and sale of foreign currency for those traveling abroad.


Present in the tourism exchange market since 1968, the Cotação is the largest distributor of the sector in the country.

Confidence Câmbio

The Confidence Bank, founded in 2010, was the first financial institution to obtain Central Bank license to work specifically with foreign exchange transactions in Brazil. Today is a leader in the country's foreign exchange market.


OM Group is a financial institution which has a branch in three business areas: Absolute Gold, Gold Gifts and Exchange Quick, having become the largest seller of gold coins online and Foreign Brazil. The company also works with Securities and Agricultural Debt Securities (TDA).


The Levycam figure as a pioneer in the segment Tourism Exchange with accreditation of the Central Bank of Brazil.


The PICCHIONI is entirely devoted to the brokerage service, offering high-performance operating environment with trained advisers to a qualified and personalized service

J Alves

Founded in 1993 and always attentive to technological advances, the J. Alves offers the most modern and founded this platform with professionals with proven experience in foreign exchange and foreign trade.