Digital Signature

The Digital Signature module provides all the necessary infrastructure for the broker to sign foreign exchange contracts digitally. Contracts are signed in Pades standard in PDF format, with visual representation of signatures in a single document, facilitating its distribution and validation.

AD-RT and AD-RC in accordance with ICP-Brazil for signatures that need validity period. Validation of ICP-Brazil certificates and chains configured by the customer. Protection signatures with time stamp. revocation checking certificates using OCSP or CRL. Support certificates stored on smart cards and cryptographic tokens.

The client will the signing of contracts WebComex module via the browser with smart cards and tokens or certificates A1. Support the signature and authorization in the browser with the use of A1 or A3 certificates.

  • Permanent custody of contract digitally signed image linked to the exchange contract in the FX system.
  • Notice sent to the customer informing contracts available for digital signature
  • Pending management of digitally signed contracts through the dispatch module
  • Customer will sign the contract through brokerage WebComex without the need to direct you to the third-party site for signing.