The e-Finance was established by the Normative Instruction RFB No. 1,571 / 2015 of 02/07/2015 and is engaged in the obligation to send the RFB any and all information regarding financial transactions.

The e-Finance is required for events that took place from 01.12.2015 and shall be transmitted every six months until the last business day of February, containing financial information relating to the second half of last year, and even the last business day of August, containing the information for the first half of this year. For the events that occurred between 1 and December 31, 2015, e-Financial can be delivered by the last business day of May 2016.

With the creation of e-Financial, the Declaration of Information on Financial Transactions (Dimof) may be discontinued by the Government in 2016. The IRS will implement gradually new modules obliged, in order to more rational and extinction of other currently existing obligations .

The e-Financial arises from Brazil's adherence to the program FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) in September 2014. The agreement will allow the exchange of information between the tax administrations of Brazil and the US, which now can send the country, automatically, all information relating to accounts and Brazilian equity situations available in the US financial system.





       The institution authorized to carry out operations in the foreign exchange market for the following operations is responsible for forwarding the information to RFB:

  • Acquisitions in foreign currency;
  • Foreign currency conversions in national currency;
  • Currency transfer and other values ​​abroad.



       Failure to present the e-Financial or within your presentation with errors or omissions will entail application of the violator of the following fines:

  • R$ 50.00 per group of five information inaccurate, incomplete or omitted;
  • R$ 5,000.00 per calendar month or fraction thereof, is delayed due to the submission of the declaration that will be established for the purpose of information presentations;
  • 5% (not less than R $ 100.00), the value of financial operations.

      Fines may be applied together or separately and may be increased by 100% in the case of self offense drafting.



  • Query grid to display the information to be sent;
  • Sending the file and opening-Financial;
  • Submission of batch information (maximum 100 events per file) related to the operations listed in the query described above;
  • Shipping lock file e-Financial;
  • Consultation of shipping and receiving logs.