GN Exchange - Exchange System Tourism

Designed for Windows platform in languages ​​Delphi and .Net for Back Office and Web modules respectively, using Microsoft SQL database, allowing online communication between headquarters and retail outlet stores. In partnership with suppliers of complementary products, the GN Exchange provides routines for information integration, being able to generate them and get them via files or web broadcasts.

As a characteristic inherent in the database, we obtain exchange of information online, allowing accurate and consistent control and efficient analysis of the transactions and positions of the Broker. Besides that::

  • Administration of balances and boxes and accounts positions seeking a balance of exchange exposure;
  • Based on specific parameters, we offer the possibility of diversification and free format for negotiations between partners and agents;
  • Optimization of financial control and accounting processes for reconciliation routines for operations in TED / DOC or settlement bank slips;
  • Through the integration of third-party software guarantee agility in the processes and quality of information obtained through these processes;
  • Determination of profit different formats, bringing you Brokerage subsidies for analysis and decision-making;
  • system adaptation to specific processes of each Brokerage, respecting the managerial concepts adopted;




To meet the control processes of the Foreign Exchange Transactions, the GN Exchange offers the following basic modules:

• Complete Registration of customers and electronic registration document imaging;
• Registration of purchase and sales transactions for own position Tourism, Simplified, and Remittances Interbank; 
• Differentiation rates for parameterization;
• Document Issue: Operating ticket, coupon, contract; 
• Receipts in real by bank transfer;
• Position Control and sales per store / currency / product;
• Stock cards and distribution of control and ownership thereof;
• Compliance and limits;
• Position, movement and balances boxes and accounts in currency and real;
• Bank reconciliation;
• Control of partner commissions, agents and attendants;
• Customized accounting integration;
• Verification of income and profitability on operations;
• Issue and sending via internet protocols and slips;
• Issuance of operational and management control reports;
• Customer History
• Graphics
• Export Excel data

Optional Modules:
• Online Consultation CPF in IRS
• CRM - Prospecting customers and pre-sales a
• Online Store / Sale and recharge cards (Web) integrated into the system

Integrations with partners:
• Credit Cards Money - Income, Agilitas, Banco Paulista
• International Remittances - MoneyGram, Western Union
• Remittances Bank - BVA, Banco Paulista
• PLD Analysis - CFT - Advice
• Fees Integration - RadNet, Focus, Blooming
• Rates References - Ptax / Parity - Sisbacen

Integration with SISBACEN
Through the messaging system - Editing, activation, cancellation, settlement and printing contracts, in view of Resolution 3568 of May 29, 2008, the National Monetary Council; PSTAW10 - Document 2011/3568 Resolution ACAM204 and ACAM205.