The evolution of technology and the constant changes in the economic, social and political context, the organizational structure of companies and the Brazilian Payment System, influence the business world to adapt to a new reality, requiring professionals from various fields are ready to meet the foreign market.

Brazil's Central Bank implemented a new system that enables instant payments between financial institutions, the Reserve Transfer System "STR". The system operates on gross settlement system in real time (RTGS). When a client requests a transfer and there is balance in Bank Reserve, the transfers will be made instantly; if not, the transaction will be pending, awaiting the arrival of credits, allowing the formation of payments queues as priority and time of entry of the releases. 

Our Str-Web module provides agility, economy and productivity by allowing the broker has greater control and reducing operating costs, such as eliminating retyping of payments, automatic statement read to confirm the credits received without necessisade to download files and integration complete with accounts payable and receivable.





  • Get credit in Reais and cost reduction TED / DOC emission rates;
  • Tell your customer account your STR to effect the TED and receive their integrated identified credits to accounts receivable;
  • Make payments to their suppliers and customers directly from your integrated STR account to accounts payable;
  • Extract online, fully integrated without the need to download the extract file, with all payments and receipts identified;
  • Automatic reconciliation of Str-Web account;
  • Release the submissions of payment orders only after confirmation of the identified credit in Reais;
  • Proof of payment of issue;
  • Heave control for inclusion, confirmation and authorization of payments;