Business Intelligence

This service includes the development of statistical and management reports that enable company managers to analyze fundamental osindicadores for business management.

The process begins with an understanding of the characteristics and client information needs by our BI consultant. views are defined KPIs, "dashboards" and report templates to be developed. These reports are available online fashion and strategic information is accessed quickly by business area allowing it to develop perceptions and understandings that will result in greater assertiveness in decision making.

        With the statistical reporting service and Business Intelligence our customers have the following benefits:

  • Generate strategic information from different data sources;
  • Anticipating access to information enabling faster and efficient actions;
  • Hold decision-making based on more accurate and reliable information.


Detailing Service

        Among the services included, we can highlight:


  • Creating reports in SQL Reporting Services tool:
    • Automatic reports;
    • It allows the creation of different filters to the report of refining;
    • It allows you to read in real time from various bases of different data;
    • Several features such as aggregation of data, graphics, links.
    • Security and access control;
    • Permits export to different formats.


  • BI solutions in Excel (Power Pivot):
    • Perform advanced data analysis in Excel 2010;
    • Query databases from different sources directly from Microsoft Excel;
    • Manipulation of data in pivot table format;
    • Support and maintenance reports.


  • Dashboards support and system maintenance (IMetriks):
    • Import data base of WU for IMetriks indicators;
    • Creation of new indicators and data feeds;
    • Maintenance for users (access, support, etc).


  • Consulting BI:
    • Quick and custom reports through queries (queries) directly from the bank, taking into account specific user needs;
    • Understanding of user requests, and consulting in explaining strategic information.